Karaoke Venue Liquor Licence

09 October 2012

We currently act for numerous licensed karaoke venues in Sydney City and throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. In fact, we act for more licensed karaoke venues than any other firm in NSW.

Earlier this year we successfully lobbied the Government and the Liquor Authority to create a separate class of on-premises liquor licence for karaoke venues. As such, applicants for a liquor licence for a venue where the primary business will be providing karaoke entertainment, can now apply for an on-premises licence for a karaoke venue.

If as part of an application for such a licence an extended trading hours authorisation is sought (which is normally the case as most karaoke venues will be seeking to trade after midnight), then a Community Impact Statement (CIS) document will also need to be prepared.

Karaoke venues that are currently the subject of a restaurant liquor licence can now apply to change the class of on-premises licence to that of a karaoke venue. This will mean that their primary business no longer needs to be the provision of meals but can be the provision of karaoke entertainment. However, if the primary business will be preparing and serving meals then the appropriate licence will be a restaurant licence (ie an on-premises licence for a restaurant).

We can also assist with Council applications for development approval for use of the premises as a karaoke venue as well as Section 96 Modifications seeking to extend trading hours and modify or vary restrictive conditions. For example, we have acted for unlicensed karaoke venues in removing restrictions which prevented patrons bringing their own liquor onto the premises and varying condition to extend trading hours.

We have acted in obtaining liquor licences for numerous venues in Sydney City as well as venues outside of the city including at Eastwood, Epping, Lidcombe and Strathfield.

We note that in respect of all of the venues we have acted for located outside of Sydney City, we have been able to convince the relevant Council and the Liquor Authority that there was no need to provide licensed security personnel at the premises.

Should you be interested in applying for a liquor licence or Council approval for this type of venue or wish to vary the conditions or trading hours of an existing licensed premises or existing Council consent (whether or not the process is to be licensed) please do not hesitate to contact our office for an obligation free quote. The first consultation is free.